How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding?

Making a list of guests you wish to invite to your wedding is very stressful.

As you want to invite your friends and family members, your relatives also like to invite their friends.

There are multiple aspects to consider while creating a wedding’s guest list, but before that, you must commit to factors such as venue and budget.

Everyone knows that guests cost money.

So, You should remember that planning the guest list comes up when you plan your budget.

Many people wish to be a part of your celebration, and you want many people to invite them. So there should be a proper plan, so everything doesn’t fall apart.

So in this article, you will find some solutions on how to narrow down the guest list in your budget in an effective manner.

Differentiate Between The Type Of Guests

First, always divide the number of guests into two sides: the bride’s and groom’s sides.

Suppose you are inviting 100 people to your wedding the 50 must be from the bride’s side and the same from the groom’s side.

It is not always essential to split it equally. You can adjust these numbers according to the situation.

And the second thing that should be kept in mind is always to differentiate the types of guests you invite.

The relatives should be on one list and friends, and colleagues should be on the other so that you don’t forget the important people to give an invitation to.

Make An Idea About The Maximum People

Making an idea about the number of people helps a lot before finalizing the guest list.

Knowing the maximum number of people you want to invite will help you sort the names of people who should be there and those whose presence is not so significant.

And also if you will decide the maximum number of people according to that, you would be able to make available all the necessary things.

Count kids as well

Everyone wants to take their kids to wedding invitations.

Counting kids is so important because sometimes we miss them and when they show up at the wedding, it creates a little trouble, you can’t miss the kids of your brothers and sisters.

Counting kids also help make a plan if you want to give any unique gifts to them.

Keep Around 200 Guests At The Wedding

To be honest, you should always try to make a guest list of 200 people. Any number more than this becomes a huge deal until you are not throwing a grand wedding.

That is why the number of people should always be equatable to your budget so that no issues arise suddenly.

Final Thoughts

From the day you announce your wedding, your inbox starts floating with messages of “are you going to invite me?” Your friends and colleagues bombard your emails with congratulations and ask for invitations; we know you can’t invite them all, so it is necessary to make a checklist of guests as soon as possible after the wedding announcement.

If you have read this article, I hope it will help you make a list soon.

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