How To Take A Relationship Slow

How To Take A Relationship Slow

Relationships are complicated, they have always been hard to fathom and even harder to make last long but it is not impossible to make it work.

What is the key to making a relationship work when things are not going in your favor but you just don’t want to break the things or if your relationship is new but you don’t want to just move fast and regret it after some time?

So for starters when you face these kinds of problems you should start trying to move further into a relationship at a slower pace whether it’s physical intimacy or emotional bond going slow always work?

All the experts in relationship advice say that for every person taking things slow means different acts.

For some people, they prefer to take some time before making any intimate act, or for some people, it’s just about making any serious commitment.

But for both the situation one thing is common which is to first know the other person frankly well.

If the relationship is new and, for an old relationship taking things slow means a whole different thing it may refer to taking a break from the troubles they are facing and focusing on themselves, and in worst scenarios, they want to break things off. 

Why It Is Good To Take Things Slow When You Start Dating Someone New.

There are a million reasons to take things slow especially when the relationship is new.

Because we all know that new relationships can be fragile and so moving further at a slower pace will give you the time to understand most things about the partner and you would have enough time to get the wants and needs of another person as well as yours.

And in that time you would be able to understand your compatibility with the other person.

It is said that the new relationships that move fast don’t last long because after some time when thoughts and emotions don’t match people start to regret and the emotional connection starts to get fade.

The main reason behind this is that when the relationship is new everything seems so happening because of excitement, attention, physical intimacy, and this newness hides the flaws that might bother you after an ample amount of time.

So if the bond is not made healthy in the starting days of a relationship it will start creating troubles after some time.

How To Take A Relationship Slow?

Before getting to know how to take a relationship at a slow pace we should understand why someone wants to or need to take a relationship slow? There could be two aspects of it 

One is a good aspect where someone wants to take a relationship at a slow pace so that they can get fully comfortable with each other and understand everything about each other and you will get to know the true version of them.

Not the version they have created to show to the world but who they are and you will have your personal space to better understand your feelings and to make come both at the same page.

The other aspect could be a little hard pill to swallow because sometimes people want to take things slow because they are not so sure about you or maybe they had been hurt in the past so they are finding it difficult to start over again but honestly both of these aspects are for your good.

Ways To Take Relationship Slow:

1. Setting Up Boundaries

It is really necessary to set boundaries about the things you share.

whether it the things you talk about or the number of times you text each other in a day and how many times you meet with one another in a week.

Because if you will start rushing into things and make a routine then the excitement will die so spontaneity is the key in new relationships and for older ones.

Just move it slowly it is not necessary to just ask each and everything and follow the routine it’s necessary to give them their space. 

2. Try Different Things

For a better start try not to do the same things.

Diversify your experiences and learn about the experiences of other people don’t try to make a relationship goal of long-term and big promises.

Just try to go on pretty dates have fun talks and keep doing your things at the same time.

3. Don’t Discuss The Future

When you want to take things slow you mustn’t talk about the future which you’re not sure.

If there will be a perfect time when you will think about the future but not until and unless you both are sure and thighs are fragile you can have other serious things to talk about so try them.

4. Obsession Check

If you constantly want to check your partner’s profile and want to text them or call them then this is a sign of toxic behavior.

And If you get rid of it asap because feeding this behavior, might make the other person run away and if he/she is doing this then you might wanna run away.

5. Learn About Each Other Wants And Needs

In the time when things are going slow between the couple, they should always try to learn about what the other person expects from you and what they want, and how they feel.

 6. Don’t Ruin A Good Thing

In the race of taking things too fast sometimes, the foundation of the relationship gets ruined.

So, at this step, it’s necessary to build a good foundation by taking small steps and letting the person know that you surely like them but you need time to learn and take any further steps.

If you don’t let them know they might feel excluded and won’t understand what you want.

7. The Time Frame For Different Milestones Of A Relationship

It is important that you abide by a time frame for different milestones.

Like you cannot just meet each other’s parents and friends at the starting of the relationship and going on a long trip is a bad idea so set your priorities about the things that you find means a lot to you and your life.

Benefits Of Taking A Relationship Slow

There are benefits of taking a relationship slow that will not only help you but your partner you read the below to understand this side of the relationship saga:

  • Both of you’ll have their personal space, we all know how important it is to have that space of freedom where you can learn and grow at the level which you want this personal space helps in self-development and to live at peace and being in a really serious relationship always trigger this aspect when there is any problem you are facing so having a personal space in every relationship is for your good.
  • It will help you to learn everything about the other person.
  • You’ll be able to know that it’s not just sex that is helping to ignite the relationship but also there are some genuine things that you like about another person.
  • You will be able to make a foundation of a friendship alongside a relationship.
  • You’ll not be able to miss all the red flags because there will be enough time to learn all the things you don’t like about them.
  • You will not miss the time that you need to learn for yourself and you’ll have enough time for yourself to do whatever you want.
  • You will be able to discover a relationship that will be based on trustworthiness and truthfulness and not just infatuation.
  • You will be able to enjoy all the fun experiences of the early stage of a relationship.

The Breakup Technique:

In some cases, people making things slow might be an excuse made by your partner to break up because of commitment issues and for whatever reason.

They don’t want to continue the relationship so in that case, you should clarify what they want to say when they say to take things at a slow pace because for the different person it can mean a different thing.

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Every relationship contains good and bad phases.

The new relationship can be a lot to take and the old ones have other problems so taking things slow might work for you.

If you are willing to move further in your life and want to make a long-lasting relationship.

People think that it is not easy to find your soulmate but they should know that it is much more difficult to keep going that relationship with your soulmate than finding them.

But if you are truly enjoying every stage of your relationship at the pace which is right things might not be that burdensome.

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